Should you wash your new clothes?

purchasing-1673734_1920Picture this. You’re tired, your feet are killing you, and you triumphantly return home, loaded with bags full of great clothes. So, well, you want to open the bags, unload them on your couch, rip the tag off and finally put them on. And in the modern times, of course, take a selfie or two! It’s a great feeling to finally put it on straight out of the bag.

But let’s settle this once and for all: should you wear your clothes straight away? As much as I hate to admit it, that’s not the wisest choice. Doctors admit that there might be some issues that should prohibit you from wearing new clothes straight away.

First of all, the clothes these days are not just “Made in China”. They can be sewn in China, dyed in India, stitched in Pakistan. And at any given time dozens of people could have touched it, and so you don’t know where your clothes might have been. There are dozens of bacteria or even lice that might carry from the store. And people who touched the clothes in the store and tried them on also might have left some dirt and bacteria on them!

Another important consideration is the chemicals in the finishing process of the fabric. If your skin is very sensitive they can cause an allergic reaction! And if it already is and you might be allergic, you probably know better than us how to wash and treat these clothes.

So to avoid skin irritation, dermatitis, fungal infections, it’s best to chuck your newly purchased items into the laundry. Give them a precautionary wash before you try them out, and protect yourself, especially with things like lingerie and shoes. Some stores might refuse to accept returns if you have washed them – and if they dye other things! But you usually have the right to return them!

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