How to care about chinchilla fur!

beautiful-young-woman-635271_1920Many fur coats and jackets are durable, delivering long-lasting beauty as long as they’re properly cared for. However, chinchilla fur coats are more gentle and delicate and require more attention. In order to keep this luxury fur beautiful and lush, read up our general care guidelines for fur and other outerwear and then take a peek on the extra care steps specific for chinchilla fur!

Most of the care given to fur coats and jackets seems straightforward enough. Keep the fur away from heat, don’t wash it yourself… every fur owner should know this. And there are some other simple tips – provide them with a safe, dry place to rest and breathe. Many fur owners like to protect them using special bags, but fur likes to breathe – store it in cloth bags if you have to. Avoid wearing too many accessories – jewelry can create bald spots and patches when it catches on the hair of the coast. Replace it with a colorful scarf that will also protect the collar!

And caring for chinchillas requires some extra attention. Their fibers have a high tensile strength but are still delicate enough so that the fur can get easily damaged. The pelt of chinchillas is very thin and may dry out very easily when it’s exposed to heat. So to preserve the beauty of the fur you need to take some extra steps.

Most other furs will work well during rain, chinchilla won’t be able to hold up so well. Take care to keep the jacket out of snow and rain, because they might get damaged or soiled. Chinchilla fur also absorbs odors – so if you smoke you should abstain from wearing this kind of fur… or if you use too much perfume. The quality and beauty of allure will last for a long time if you simply properly care for it. Treat your fur with respect and it will serve you for a long time.

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