In the search of the perfect pair of shoes….

I own a couple of nice boots which I love very much. They mostly have leather soles and reinforced heel heights. This makes them less than ideal for walking on an icy street or for hiking in the woods. Few producers of wholesale women boots consider this. They look great when combined with a nice skirt or a pair of leggings, but might not be very practical. Luckily, on the other end of the spectrum, I also own a pair of good quality work boots that I wear every day and a pair of French professional hiking boots. Sadly, the latter aren’t insulated, so for the current winter weather I need to wear layers of socks.

wholesale women bootsThese days I was looking for something in-between those – a pair of leather boots that are functional enough to handle some cold weather or light hiking, but will still go with my everyday wardrobe and will still look feminine on me! I know a lot of women in my town who just wear work or hiking boots every day, but I want to be sexy! I am looking for something more feminine, and I think my heavy boots clash with my regular winter ensemble.

The shoes I wanted should be waterproof, with at least a rubberized interior and ready to hiking. I don’t want suede – it might look nice, but it won’t withstand snow and slush. Someone recommended me Merells – they are warm and look dressy, but are very durable. Of course, there’s a matter of price – few branded shoes would cost as much as cheap wholesale women boots! An interesting option is a pair of riding boots – these are also comfortable, have plenty of ankle support, and often are waterproof and waterline. Some riding boots are designed for not just riding but also barn work – and they can actually look pretty good.


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