Modern women skirtsuits and pantsuits

It was the famous icon Coco Chanel that popularized the skirt suit. She found the tight-waisted gowns of popular European fashion of the age too restrictive, so she matched a jacket with a classic box cut with a simple skirt. Office jackets predate it slightly, but we all wear pantsuits and skirt suits thanks to Coco Chanel. Many designers and producers of wholesale womens jackets are inspired by this classic appearance.

wholesale womens jacketsThe modern women’s suit resemble the standard business attire for men. They consist of matching pieces meant to be worn together, but these days many suits can also function as separates. If you have four suits, it means you have sixteen possible combinations! Unlike with men, a suit does not have a third piece – although the producers make a lot of wholesale womens jackets, there’s very few vests for women. A three-piece woman’s suit usually means a suit jacket sold with trousers and a skirt – which means that they’re two suits in one.

Women’s suit jackets can be single- or double-breasted. And their buttons often include the feminine body shape. Some jackets, most notably blazers are less structured, especially with dress suits rather than business suits.

When paired with a jacket, elegant trousers in office-appropriate fabrics such as wool and linen can result in a pantsuit. Popular styles for trousers are the wide-legged palazzo pants, or straight-legged with slight flare ones.

All women’s suits once included skirts; trousers were not an option. Although now pantsuits seem to dominate, skirt suits remain an equally popular choice for office and evening. The most popular ones are the sleek pencil skirts that rise no higher than just above the knee.

And some suits replace the shirt and the bottom with a single dress. It’s rare to encounter them, but many women choose wholesale womens jackets and match them with a decent dress.


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