Khaki pants – versatile, comfortable and cosy

Khaki pants are the new sensation. While they might not be especially popular, every women’s clothing wholesaler will have them on their offer. And many women do want them. If you are uncertain about your body shape and size, it is better to go to a physical stockist, and try them on, rather than rely on the Internet. The shop attendant will also be very helpful in advising you on what type of clothes to wear with the khaki pants. For those who know their measurements pretty well, it is, of course, easier to shop online from a women’s clothing wholesaler where the prices are likely to be much lower than in the shops.

While the offer of the women’s clothing wholesaler might be lower, it is always better to go for designer pants as you are guaranteed quality cut and finishing. Look for Levi’s, Hilfiger, Soviet, and Dickie’s.

women's clothing wholesalerA good choice in these will surely keep heads turning. For the ladies, you can couple them with a petite coloured top. In this way, the khaki pants will say something about your confidence and sexuality. Any decent women’s clothing wholesaler or retailer will make sure you get a good pair of khaki pants.

For the guys, khaki pants are also a big blessing. In warm weather, anything worn on top will look fabulous. Whether it is a polo shirt, a t-shirt or plaid, it will go well-providing one knows colour coordination. It looks classier when they are worn with loafers or Clarks. Earthy colours to match the tan and brown of the khakis are preferable.

For ladies looking to buy khaki pants, the choice of the top will be paramount. Look for a white collar shirt, polo, black or white blouse or t-shirt. For the shoes, long pants will give you the freedom to wear platforms, wedges, pumps, stilettos, even ballets shoes. So go ahead and get yourself a pair. Even if it is a pair of plus size khaki pants


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